Hamlet - Osiric

Hamlet - Osiric

Manager: Brad Belmont (Red Letter Entertainment) 

  • 212 247 2375


Legit Agent: Don Birge (Stewart Talent)

Commercial Agents: Kirsten Walther and Maura Maloney (CESD)

  • 212 477 1666



Print / Model Agents: Kerri Krilla and Catherine Marshall (CESD)

  • 212.447.1666



Bachelor in Fine Arts: Tisch Drama

Christopher Reed Brown


Race: Mixed

Height: 5'7’' / Weight: 130 / Eyes: Hazel / Hair: Curly Black



Elementary -- Arnold (Co-Star) -- CBS (Dir. Guy Ferland)

Get Christie Love (Pilot) -- Derrick (Co-Star) -- ABC (Lionsgate)

Mysteries of Laura -- Zac Romero (Co-Star) -- NBC (Dir. Bethany Rooney)

Parental Guidance -- Son -- MTV / Sharp Entertainment

Show Me A Hero -- Political Activist -- HBO

Cheerleader -- Jake -- Cheerleader the Movie LLC

Diff’rent Tokes -- Lead/Executive Writer --  Indie Film

The Adventures of Jason and Steve -- Lead/Executive Writer -- Indie Film

Murder at Spooky Pete --  Supporting Role -- Indie Film


Macbeth -- Ensemble -- Park Avenue Armory, Kenneth Branagh & Rob Ashford, Dirs.

Welcome to Fear City (Kara Lee Korthron) -- E -- Chip Miller, Dir.

What Would Crazy Horse Do (Larissa Fasthorse) -- Calvin Good Eagle -- Sam Pinkleton, Dir.

The Matchmaker-- Barnaby Tucker -- Abigail Adams, Dir.

Richard iii -- York / Ratcliffe -- People's Light Theatre, Sam Reading, Dir.

Uniform Justice -- Flip -- Intersections International, Chukwuma Obasi, Dir. 

Othello -- Othello -- Chain Theatre, Daniel Hasse, Dir.

Titus Andronicus -- Titus Andronicus -- GBS Theatre (RADA)

Romeo and Juliet -- Romeo -- Occupy Verona

Milk Like Sugar -- Antoiwne --  Abe Burrows (StageWorks), Nicole Watson, Dir.

I Remember Mama -- Mr. Hyde/Thorkelson -- Stella Adler Studio 5

Torture (Original) -- Rolf -- 244 w. 54th Street

Suburbia -- Jeff --  NYU LSP Silver Center Theatre 

Cloud Nine -- Edward/Cathy --  NYU LSP Silver Center Theatre 

Taming of the Shrew --  Christopher Sly/Pedant -- Shakespeare in the Square

Romeo And Juliet -- Balthazar -- Shakespeare in the Square

Hamlet -- Marcellus/Osiric -- Shakespeare in the Square

Oliver -- The Artful Dodger --  Linda Kelly Theatre


Shakespeare: Geoff Bullen, Vivian Munn, Brigid Panet, Jeremy Stockwell, Adrienne Thomas, Brian Stirner, Melanie Jessop, Dewi Matthews.

Theater: James Tripp, Ron Burrus, Joan Evans, Betsy Parish, Noel Wilson, Angela Vitale, Paula Stevens, Jonathan Hopkins, Christa Kimlicko Jones, and Steve Cook.

On Camera: Ted Sluberski, Gary Bennett, Zach Galligan, Mihal Zecher, Chris Modoono, and Gabe Frye-Behar.

Voice Over: David Goldberg, David Guzzone, Danielle Quisenberry, and Kristin Price.

-  2 years at Stella Adler Conservatory, 1 year at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and 1 year at Stonestreet conservatory.

Special Skills:

Percussion: Hip hop, Rock, Blues. / Voice: Beat Box, Donald Duck, Movie Announcer, Caribbean Islander, English (UK), Bronx/Long Islander, and American Southern. / Dance: Intermediate Hip Hop & Ballet. / Martial Arts: Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Stage combat: Intermediate. / Scriptwriting: Final Cut, Final Draft and Celtx proficiency. 3 filmed webisodes, 1 play, and 1 cartoon pilot.